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Title: ALIEN PROOF? ‘Most shocking UFO photo on record’ shows craft ‘floating above navy base
Published Date: 13th November 2017
“ALIEN PROOF? ‘Most shocking UFO photo on record’ shows craft ‘floating above navy base” possibly the most misleading article in years – ARTICLE
Have you ever been depressed after finding out your leftover food that you have been thinking about all day is gone? That futility is what reading this article makes you feel like. I’ll go straight to the point- this is the most absurd and ridiculous article I’ve ever read in a long time, and let me explain why.
The article: “ALIEN PROOF?’Most shocking UFO photo on record’ shows craft
‘Floating above navy base” was published by CHRISTINE YOUNAN on 13th November 2017. As the title suggests, the article talks about a “photo” of a UFO hovering over skies over a Californian navy base. Approximately a week ago, my article club members and I happened to come across this random article on our Facebook feed. When we first read the title, we were astounded, so we started reading the article just to found out that it was just a click-bait.
The existence of eternal life does not have a supporting evidence and it has not been scientifically proven. The existence of Alien was first claimed by Giovanni Schiaparelli’s report in 1877 about the “canal” on Mars, which brought a controversial about the existence of external life outside the planet earth. Additionally, mention of the alien by a fictional book called OAHSPE: A New Bible written by JOHN BALLOU NEWBROUGH in 1882 sparked people to speculate, and eventually create a fictional character that we know today.
Click-baiting people to attract them to read the content does not only frustrate those who fall into the false news, but it implants fear into those who merely read the title and assume the whole story. A lot of times, people merely reads the title and leaves because they don’t have the time to read the whole content. For example, according to the analysis done by data scientist named Josh Schwartz, only about 20% of content readers read the whole content, and 38% don’t even read more than one paragraph; this makes authors create a false title to hook the readers. For example, the article’s title suggests that a photo of UFO has been taken, but the actual content of the article states that the image is “claimed” to have been taken. Furthermore, the person who claimed to have taken the photo is not credible as he was just a random person from California. In addition, the author stated that the person who took the photo claimed that he “sneaked out the desert after an old friend working on the base told him about the mysterious craft”. According to the man’s claim, a man whose name has not even mentioned told him about the unidentified object- this shows incredibility. The author also stated that “he took the shots near the Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake in 2007”, but sneaking in near to the military base to take photos is a serious criminal offence, and publishing an article about it does not only publicize an object that people have been afraid about, but it also reveals United States’ possible secret weapon. The author’s overall credibility lacks as the picture of a UFO is just a claim.
Further, the information on how the photo was obtained sounds so convenient. How could the author explain to a person that perchance the forthcoming came back? And the evidence is to be on archives of that very morning. Nonetheless, what form of proof would go on ahead and record such a great UFO, wherever and more absurd is on what type of an instrument?
There exist no great need for reporting a UFO for it passed just along the chief motorway, lots of people must have had the chance to have grasped it in motion. Moreover, the gadget was approximately a hundred yards far from the well-known nuclear researching station. This gives this report about the “alien” a vague taste, for there was no good reason for reporting about the new since there were more than enough people in the witnessing. Adding more to the madness, it is not practically possible to even get close or near a military base as the photographer claim. This is very sick and out of explaining. The military grounds are reestablished and out of bounds. This is for the benefit of the matter of national security, for there should be no leakage on the information on the weapon available. So I would call the article to be a bluff for no military base would allow such a thing.
In a conclusive manner, I stand tall with the fact that there exists no “alien” in the universe and so the article is falsely written. This article was just meant to be a destruction/click-bait that CHRISTINEYOUNAN happened to write about. This is not only illegal to trade such an information but also wrong for deceiving is a crime one could avoid. g-saucer-shocking-photos-California-navy-base ne_why_you_won_t_finish_this_article.html

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