1984 homework

  1. In 1984 the Party is able to generate enthusiasm for war, no matter the enemy or the local conditions. What methods does it use to build support for war and how do the citizens respond? What does this suggest about human behavior?
  2. How is Julia characterized? In what ways is she different from Winston? What are her major interests and concerns? Why is she willing to rebel against the Party?
  3. In what ways are current governments similar to the government Orwell imagined in 1984. This topic should not be an excuse to bash government but to thoughtfully consider what aspects of it are most reminiscent of the totalitarian Party in the novel.
  4. The conclusion of 1984 is decidedly bleak. Winston has been completely broken and purged of his rebellious mind and instincts. Analyze what Orwell’s purpose was in having the novel end this way. Was it effective?
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