What backend interactions are crucial to deal with in order to use the database correctly?

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Spoofing of Destination Data Store SQL Database Category:        Spoofing Description:     Database Storage may be spoofed by an attacker and this may lead to data being written to the attacker’s target instead of Database Storage. Consider using a standard authentication mechanism to identify the destination data store. Potential Weak Protections for Audit Data Category:        Repudiation Description:     Consider what happens when the audit mechanism comes under attack, including attempts to destroy the logs or attack log analysis programs. Ensure access to the log is through a reference monitor, which controls read and write separately. Document what filters, if any, readers can rely on, or writers should expect Insufficient Auditing Category:        Repudiation Description:     Does the log capture enough data to understand what happened in the past? Do your logs capture enough data to understand...
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