Can you name the most developed cities of the Middle Ages?

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Another maritime republic whose populace profited from trade and craft was Genoa. Advantageously situated on the western flank of the Italian peninsula, this city had a major trading port which is used to export and import goods across the Mediterranean to Aragon and other kingdoms. Much like commercial rival Venice, Genoa colonised parts of the middle east as well as some coastal areas of the Black and Aegean seas. Both republics having similar pursuits with shared trade routes proved frictional, and many naval battles occurred throughout the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. The two states were frequently at war with one another. The Genoese and Venetians transported pilgrims and crusaders to the Levant and supplied the garrisons of Syrian ports. Such involvement in the crusades brought wealth and stability to the republics and many other European cities and towns. With many men fighting overseas, a...
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