The Catcher in the Rye help with homework

  1. How important is sex to Holden? Is his messed up attitude toward sex a symptom of his problem, or is it more like a cause?
  2. If Holden is so obsessed with saving children’s innocence, why doesn’t he worry more about his own? What does “innocence” mean for him? To him?
  3. Typically characters grow and develop as the novel progresses. Analyze the transitions that Hold goes through in the novel. Does he change from the beginning to the end? If so, analyze three ways in which Holden changes. If not, analyze how Holden stayed the same throughout the novel
  4. What does the last line of the book mean? What does it indicate has happened or will happen to Holden?
  5.  The whole novel is Holden’s narration of this long story. Who is he telling this story to (besides the reader) and what can we then conclude about Holden’s fate?
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