Discussion questions – Scarlet Pimpernel: Chapter I (questions 1-8)

Chapter I (questions 1-8)
1. Where does chapter 1 take place? (city and location in the city) What time of day is it? What is the date?
2. What tyrant do you think will be ruling France “ten years later”? (not in book)
3. What is a barricade? Why do the people rush there?
4. Who are the rulers of France now?
5. According to the peasants, what was every aristocrat? Write a definition for aristocrat in your own words
6. What committee was responsible for giving permission to come and go from Paris?
7. What are some of the disguises used to try to get out of Paris unnoticed?
8. Who catches the most people at the West Gate? How many has he caught?

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