Discussion questions – Scarlet Pimpernel: Chapter I (questions 9-18)

Chapter I (questions 9-19):
9.Why was Sargeant Grospierre sent to the guillotine?
10.What rumor was going around about the escapes?
11.What was the reward for catching the Scarlet Pimpernel?
12.How did Grospierre miss the S.P.? How was the S.P. disguised?
13.The women cart drivers spent their days doing what?
14.What does the horrible hag have on her whip?
15.What does the hag say her grandson (who is riding in her cart) has?
16.Who does the captain say the old hag actually was?
17.How did the Comtess de Tournay and her two grown children escape?
18.What do you think will happen to Sargeant Bibot now?

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