Discussion questions – Scarlet Pimpernel: Chapter VII

Chapter VII
1. Are you surprised when Marguerite starts to cry? Why is she crying?
2. What nickname does Armand use for Marguerite?
3. When did Marguerite tell her husband that she had denounced the St. Cyr family, before or after their marriage?
4. What did it mean to denounce someone during the French Revolution?
5. Why did Marguerite marry Sir Percy? Were her motives noble?
6. What does Armand think of Sir Percy’s difficulty in forgiving his wife for her mistake?
7. When did Marguerite and Armand’s parents die?
8. Is Armand older or younger than she? By how much?
9. What does ‘the secret orchard” mean?
10. What secrets does Armand keep from Marguerite?
11. What secrets does Marguerite keep from Armand?

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