Discussion questions – Scarlet Pimpernel: Chapter XVI

Chapter XVI
1. How far is Richmond from London?
2. Why is Marguerite feeling “indulgent” towards Sir Perc
y on the ride home?
3. What two people had Marguerite now betrayed? (one from the present, one from the past)
4. Describe the Percy’s house
5. Why does Sir Percy look “ghostly”?
6. Why do you think Sir Percy seems so stubborn about not lovi
ng Marguerite? (not in book)
7. What decoration does Marguerite wear in her hair?
8. What does Marguerite say caused her to be tricked into renouncing the Marquis de St. Cyr?
9.Why was Armand beaten? by whom?
10. What had the Marquis de St. Cyr done that was illegal?
11. How had Marguerite hurt Sir Percy’s pride?
12. In what month does this chapter take place? Year?
13. What action in this chapter shows Sir Percy’s true feelings for his wife?

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