Discussion questions – Scarlet Pimpernel: The goal of discussion is

The goal of discussion is not to summarize the plot but to understand connections between what characters say and do-their motivation, and how all these actions taken together suggest the author’s overall ideas about heroism, human relationships, and political order. You may want to use students’ reader response reactions to start discussion or you may use some of the following questions to explore character, action, and theme.
1. Why does the novel open with the scene at the barricades of the city of Paris?
2.How has the Scarlet Pimpernel managed to elude the guards?
3.Why is it ironic that Bibot thinks he will be the one to capture the Scarlet Pimpernel?
4.The scene at The Fisherman’s Rest in Dover stands in sharp contrast to the first chapter in Paris. Why? What does
Orczy intend to convey about the differences between the English and French?
5.How is Mr. Jellyband like Bibot? How is he different?
6.How are the aristocratic De Tournay family contrasted with the English? For example, contrast the behavior of Comtesse de Tournay with Lady Blakeney when they meet; or the reaction of the English to the behavior of Vicomtede Tournay.

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