Essay on The Iliad help: Do you think Zeus is a heartless,

1. Do you think Zeus is a heartless, pitiless god? (See 8.481-489; 11.78-83; 20.21-33.) 2. Why will the gods break down the seawall after the war? (See pp. 141-142, 224-225.) 3. What do you think of Hera’s behavior in Book 14? How do you think the Greek audience reacted to Zeus’ seduction lines (14.318-33)? 4. Can you account for the fresh grass at 14.353? 5. Do you think Zeus is in charge of fate? (See 15.49-78 [Zeus’ plan for the war] and 16.469-496 [Sarpedon’s fate].) Image link: Sleep and Death Transporting Sarpedon’s body to Lycia. 6. Book 16 is often called the “little Iliad“–what themes of the larger book are developed on a smaller scale here?

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