What is the essence of the experiment that determines glucose within the sample?

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In this experiment, Dinistrosalicylic acid (DNS) colourimetric method was used to determine glucose within the sample quantitatively. DNS testing method is used to determine the presence of reducing sugars that includes glucose molecules. The testing encompasses oxidation of aldehyde functional group within the glucose molecule and simultaneous reduction of DNS (3,5-dinitrosalicylic acid) to 3-amino,5—nitrosalicylic acid, leading to the production of brown colour. Below is an example of the reaction. The purpose of the experiment was to examine the presence/absence of diabetes or other carbohydrate metabolism ailments within a mock patient plasma sample. Method: A stock solution of glucose was supplied at a concentration of 20mmol/l and a reference sample at 7.5mmol/l. A set of 5 test sample of unknown concentration taken at 0, 30,...
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