Frankenstein Questions (Chapter 5)

  1. What conventions of Gothic horror are apparent in this chapter?
  2. Identify figurative language that creates an eerie and ghostly atmosphere in this chapter. Give at least 5 examples
  3. Identify the foreshadowing in this chapter? What does it foreshadow?
  4. Identify figurative language that shows Victor’s reaction to his newborn.
  5. Describe the monster’s behavior, using direct quotes. What do you interpret his actions to mean?
  6. What is Victor’s reaction to his monster upon their first encounter? Use quotes to support your conclusions.
  7. Explain why Victor is both fearful and elated when returning home.
  8. How are Victor and the Ancient Mariner from Coleridge’s poem linked?
  9. What is Victor’s frame of mind at the end of this chapter?
  10. How is this pivotal chapter in this novel? What are some events that could occur from here?
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