Has anyone read A Tale of Two Cities need essay: Crowds and mob psychology essay assignment

Crowds and mob psychology essay assignment

As the plot of A Tale of Two Cities moves forward into the French Revolution and the ensuing Reign of Terror, how do crowds change and evolve in the story? Why does Dickens make a point of doing this? Be sure to integrate and provide an answer to the why question in your thesis. Consider our discussions of mob psychology: why people in crowds behave the way they do, how irrationally people act in crowds, how their individuality is lost, how and why the level of violence changes. Be specific about the subtle differences in crowds. Use at least three crowd scenes as evidence.

  • Use at least three critical pieces of textual evidence in each body paragraph. Follow proper quotations style. You need only concentrate on Book the First and Book the Second.
  • Write a conclusion that wraps up your ideas and looks forward into the novel: think of connecting your thesis to what happens in Book the Third in terms of crowd scenes and plot.
  • Proofread!!!


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