What are the health care systems in the prevention of CVD?

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The 8-factor model, considers Right access to healthcare which compasses satisfaction with the delivery of health care and being able to afford the provision of healthcare. Fair financing of healthcare takes into consideration affordability without causing an undue financial burden on its client.  The UK healthcare system drives on the NHS model funded out of general taxation granting universal healthcare access without any cost to individuals. The Ghana health care system, by contrast, is structured under four main categories: public, private-for-profit, private-not-for-profit and traditional systems with significant donor funding accounting for about 20% of total healthcare funding and less from tax. Ghana however heavily relies on out-of-pocket payment and an equal contribution of all households to the NHS. But there is a difference in the disposable income bracket between households which causes a disparity in access to health care especially for the poor who may not be capable of affording costs. This does have attributed to...
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