Help with Questions to The Mousetrap: A successful whodunnit is built upon

1. A successful whodunnit is built upon a great twist near the end where the murderer is revealed. How did you feel of the twist ending of The Mousetrap? Did you see it coming? Did it catch you by surprise? Was it there in front of your eyes the whole time but you just couldn’t see it? Did it feel satisfying?

2. Throughout the play the bonds of Mollie and Giles are tested as they both become suspicious of each other. Mollie says, “Perhaps you never did know me. We’ve been married how long – a year? But you don’t really know anything about me. What I’d done or thought or felt or suffered before you knew me”. Having only been married for a year, would they have had inevitable problems or were their problems brought about by the events in the play? Is Mollie’s reluctance to divulge her secrets to Giles a good choice or bad choice? Is Giles right to demand her be honest with him or should he respect her secrets?

Asked on 22.05.2017 in The Mousetrap.
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