Help with Questions to The Things They Carried: The Ghost Soldiers (pages 189-218)

The Ghost Soldiers (pages 189-218)
1. When Tim is sent away in the helicopter, before he goes Rat hugs him. What does this reveal about their relationship?
2. Where does Tim O’Brien place the blame for almost dying when he was shot the
second time? Is his blame justified? Why or why not?
3. Why didn’t O’Brien return to Alpha Company?
4. Tim was transferred to a fairly safe new post. Why then does he admit to envying Alpha Company when they came in for stand-down ?
5. Jorgenson apologized to Tim and put out his hand to shake. His apology seemed sincere. Why then didn’t O’Brien shake Jorgenson’s hand and accept his apology?
6. Explain the three phases of Tim’s revenge. How did Jorgensen react?
7. Vietnam and the war have changed him. What examples from this story prove this statement? Compare and contrast the innocent, new to the war Tim with the Tim you see in this chapter.
8. Explain the significance of the title of this chapter “The Ghost Soldier.”
9. Does your opinion of O’Brien change throughout the course of the novel? How so? How do you feel about his actions in “The Ghost Soldiers”?

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