Help with Questions to The Things They Carried: Lives of the Dead (pages 225-246)

Lives of the Dead (pages 225-246)
1. Explain what Tim O’Brien means when he says “stories can save us.”
2. On Tim’s 4th day in Vietnam, explain what he witnessed when his platoon found a dead man’s body. Be sure to give examples. Would you say this was disrespectful? Why or why not? Why did they act that way?
3. After Kiowa’s talk with O’Brien, what kind of man do you think Kiowa is?
4. Who was Linda? What happened to her? Tim O’Brien deals with his feelings about Linda in a very similar way to how he deals with his feelings about death in Vietnam. Compare the way he deals with each.
5. Why do you think he included the story about Linda in this novel? What point do you think he was trying to make to the reader by including her story?

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