Help with Questions to The Things They Carried: The Man I Killed (pages 124-130)

The Man I Killed (pages 124-130)
1. In the beginning of this chapter, what inference can you make about who shot the man?
2. Throughout the chapter the narrator explains to the reader many details about the dead man’s life. Do you think these details are true? Why or why not?
3. How does Azar react to the killing of the man? Azar compares the dead man to several things, what does he compare the man to? What does this reveal about how Azar needs to deal with seeing death?
4. Explain how Kiowa tries to make Tim O’Brien feel better about what he had just done. Does it work?
5. Why does Tim O’Brien continue to repeat the same details about the body to the reader? What does the continuous repetition of personal details about the dead man and his body reveal to you about how Tim is feeling? Explain your answer.
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