Help with Questions to The Things They Carried: Spin (pages 31-38)

Spin (pages 31-38)
1. Explain what happens to the setting in this chapter?
2. What does AWOL stand for?
3. Tim O’Brien shares several bad, peaceful, and happy stories in this ch
apter. Which war story leaves an impression on you? Explain why.
4. We also learn that Tim O’Brien is a writer. Why does he feel that writing about the war and all his memories is so important?
5. What happened to Curt Lemmon?
6. Different character’s personalities are revealed in this chapter. What do we learn about Mitchell Sanders, Norman Bowker, Ted Lavender, Azar, and Tim O’Brien? Briefly describe the memory that O’Brien has of each of the men and what character trait about each man can you infer from the stories.
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