What was the impact of the last Exocet attack by the Argentineans?

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‘This was the last Exocet attack by the Argentineans, which although skilfully executed, was rendered impotent by RN antiaircraft fire. Skyhawk pilots later confused the hulk of the Atlantic Conveyor, sunk on 25 May, for HMS Invincible, and subsequently attacked it, thinking it a victim of the more recent attack’ 15. Brigadier-General Crespo, commander of ‘FAS,’ was quite limited in the placement of the 122 Argentinian aircraft 16. Argentine had issues with their southern air bases as they were not sufficient for large-scale air mobilization due to either underdevelopment, lack of facilities or the distance from the theatre of operation 17. Because of these underlying issues, Crespo had to use civilian airfields in the Santa Cruz province to supplement for the lack of military airfields. Another issue that Crespo was worried about was the threat from Chilean...
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