How important in investigating DNA fragment the water content?

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When removing the combs from the matrices to create the wells for the DNA sample, the agarose gel produced ones that were clean and uniform. Whereas, none of the strawberry jelly concentrations was able to achieve wells identical to the ones the agarose gel had. Although the quality of the wells in the strawberry jelly, in comparison to the agarose, did increase with viscosity, only the matrix with 10% of the water content was able to achieve wells that were most similar to the ones in the agarose gel. Within the first 60 minutes of running the strawberry gels, the effervescence, starting at the carbon fibre tissue and developing through the gel, was more pronounced than in the agarose gel. Once the running time had been completed, and the stain applied, the DNA fragments were more visible and prominent in the agarose gel rather than in any of the strawberry jelly concentrations....
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