How living with same-sex parents affects a child’s mental health?

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So now that we’ve concluded that having gay parents doesn’t disadvantage a child in any way, let’s deal with another argument against same-sex adoption; children with gay parents will grow up to be gay. So firstly, sexuality is not a choice so it won’t affect their sexuality at all. And secondly, there’s nothing wrong with a child being gay, so it doesn’t matter what the child’s sexuality turns out to be. If the child were gay, however, at least the child would know that they are guaranteed to be accepted by their parents and treated with no homophobia towards them, however, you cannot guarantee this with heterosexual parents. There are plenty of children of heterosexual couples who are gay, so they clearly weren’t ‘influenced’ by their parents’ sexualities, so why would a child of homosexual parents be affected by their parents’ sexualities? Actually, a child growing up with same-sex parents will be more aware of diversity, and this will make them more open-minded and accepting than children who have heterosexual parents and have only ever experienced same-sex parenting. A paper published in 2007 in the American...
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