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1. After studying carefully Achilles’ long answer to the ambassadors (168-171), list some reasons why Achilles spurns Agamemnon’s generous truce offer. (Who is “the man who says one thing and thinks another” [line 318]?) Do you think his reasons are good ones? Why or why not? What emotions and thoughts strike you as most important in this speech and why? 2. Do you think Achilles is questioning or redefining honor and glory at 9.320-343 and 9.415-422? Why or why not? What do you think he means when he says, “my honor comes from Zeus” (176)? (See Murnaghan’s introduction, pp. xxx-xxxiii.) 3. If Achilles won’t take all the stuff Agamemnon offers, then what would it take to pay him “in full” for “all [his] grief” (Iliad 9.400)? Compare/contrast Agamemnon’s gifts with the exchanges of gifts between Glaucus and Diomedes (115-119) and Hector and Ajax (137). 4. Why do you think that none of the arguments of Odysseus, Phoenix, and Ajax can persuade Achilles to swallow his rage and re-enter the war? Vase painting: Phoenix and Briseis (Perseus).

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