What is the next step of the Water Ballast Process that includes vaporization of methanol?

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The next step in the process is the respective vaporization of the methanol, which occurs in the heat exchanger at the next junction of the process. The respective procured methanol is then pushed further at the temperature of about 150C and a pressure of about 29 psia. The conjoining stream input also contains fresh air at normal room temperatures (app 25C) and at pressures of about 14.7 psia. For the optimum processing, the respective pressure in this stream is raised to 35 psia by an integrated compressor. Further heating is maintained in this stream through the steam of medium pressure. The stream temperature is correspondingly raised to 150C in the next stream, which is conjoined by a combining stream at pressures of about 29 psia. The combination of the two streams maintains...
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