O’Brien “The Things They Carried”, need a help with questions

There needs to be answered following questions as journals. They can be either small written paragraphs or longer.

1. O’Brien, The Things They Carried: Chapter 1:

What are the types of things the soldiers carry? The narrator says that what they carry is determined by necessity. How are M&Ms or photographs necessities in war? Do they also carry intangible things? Which item did you find most evocative of the war?

2. O’Brien, The Things They Carried: “On the Rainy River” (39-61)

At the beginning of this chapter, O’Brien lists a number of problems with the war but draws no conclusions about them. What is it about these issues that make him oppose the war?

Also, there needs to be written as a discussion form for the following one:

Kant asserts that we can test the moral status of our acts by asking whether we would want that maxim (principle) to be a universal law of nature.

If our answer is YES, then it is MORAL.

If our answer is NO, then it is IMMORAL.

This is Kant’s non-conditional Categorical Imperative.  Kant believed that these moral principles are absolute with no exceptions.

Kant also says that we should never treat another rational being as merely a “means to an end.”  Do you agree with him on this point?  For example, is it OK to make friends with someone just because you want to meet her brother?  Or to pretend to like someone just so you would be invited to their birthday party?

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