Why is Pandora Sykes’s career an example for upcoming fashion journalists?

Asked on 23.12.2018 in All Questions.
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This escape of norms is evident in Sykes articles on the blog that are mainly driven by fashion criticism, her persona, and intimacy. These are evident in articles such as ‘Are Fake Nipples The New Political Agitators?’, 2017 or ‘Your Pussy is Political,’ 2016. As Coward argues, this type of writing has become a standard in digital journalism that she describes as “confessional journalism” driven by self-expression as the “dominant form’. Moreover, this type of journalism has challenged the traditional sense of journalistic objectivity, that “differentiates between fact and opinion” as set out in the UK’s National Union of Journalists ‘code of conduct’. Social media platforms can be seen as the main provokers of journalistic objectivity, which all share the characteristic of a one...
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