Why do people still take drugs even though they know that addiction is harmful?

Asked on 26.12.2018 in All Questions.
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It’s a freezing winter night, Murray and his friends are on a night out at a club. Murray is the only smoker in his friend group, it’s been an hour since Murray’s last fag, and he’s ‘dying’ on another one. He steps outside in the cold, there are hailstones the size of marbles falling from the sky, and he actually enjoys standing there getting his rush of nicotine for the next 10 minutes until another fag is needed. After his fag, Murray goes back into the club, reeking of smoke and soaking wet, he has to eat a bit of chewing gum, so his breath doesn’t stink. However outrageous weather conditions such as rain, hailstones, and the cold...
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