Please help with homework The Iliad: Have any of the events in Book 6 altered

  1. Have any of the events in Book 6 altered your view of what the heroes are fighting for? If yes, which events and why?
  2. What are the Trojans fighting for? What do you think Hector is fighting for?
  3. If Hector knows that “holy Ilion will perish” (6.471), then why do you think he keeps on fighting and wants his son to be just like him? In what ways do you think Hector is like/unlike Achilles? (selfish?)
  4. Compare / contrast Andromache’s attitude towards the war with Helen’s. What do you think of Andromache’s advice to Hector? Vase painting: Helen and Paris, Andromache and Hector (Perseus); Helen and Paris (detail); Andromache defends Astynax and The Death of Astynax (during the sack of Troy).
  5. Why do you think Homer put in the scene with the child becoming afraid? Do you think that Homer would like to perpetuate the honor/glory system as Hector does?
  6. Why do you think Hector decides to challenge the best of the Achaeans? (What might this challenge accomplish militarily?) What do you think of duel’s outcome (137)? Vase Painting: Ajax vs. Hector (Notice Athena on the left, Apollo on the right).
  7. Once again, one of the Trojans, Antenor, suggests they just give Helen back (138-139). But they don’t. How are their reasons for their actions similar and different from the scene on pp. 54-55?
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