Who read The Mousetrap help me please: “The Mousetrap” started in what English theatre

1. “The Mousetrap” started in what English theatre in 1952 and has been playing there since?
2. The story takes place in a guest-house called what?
3. Who owns the guest-house?
4. Which of the following is not a guest?
5. Within the first two pages of the story, the radio announces that a murder had taken place. Who was murdered?
6. What is the killer’s theme song?
7. Who was the first guest to arrive?
8. Which guest was not expected?
9. Giles and Mollie had background information on all of their guests?
10. Why couldn’t anyone at the guest-house communicate using telephone?
11. Who walked straight over to the fire in a manly fashion as soon as they’d arrived?
12. Which characters enjoy cooking?
13. What does Giles hide at the beginning of the story?
14. Which character pretended to strangle Mrs. Boyle?
15. Who is killed at the end of Act I?

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