What religious changes have Iberian people experienced?

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Instability was rife in southern Iberia in the high to late middle ages, and the lack of unity among the Moorish inhabitants was their downfall. The identity of al-Andalus began to evolve again with conquest from a new wave of Jihadist invaders known as the Almohads. With an established caliphate in North Africa, they formidably took advantage of small states within Muslim controlled areas of Iberia. The Almohads moved the capital from Córdoba to Seville where they completed their construction of the grand mosque, the Giralda in 1198. This mosque was inspired by the Almohad built Koutoubia in Marrakesh. As an example of Islamic architecture, the Giralda served not only as a place of worship but as a statement of Muslim dominance in the region. The Almohads changed the urban landscape of al-Andalus. Mosques were erected, and churches and synagogues burnt down with Christians and Jews inside them. Historian Maribel Isabel...
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