What is the role of violence and abuse in today’s society?

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This is a theme that is relevant to today’s society and culture as we watch violence becoming a rising social problem. The play ‘Our Glass House’ is a prime example of abuse. The play was written by Evie Manning and Rhiannon White and explore the different ways abuse can take form; it follows both couples and a father/son dynamic. The show was created to engulf the audience into the chaos and detrimental effects that domestic abuse can have on people. A play that paints an image of stereotypes and gender is ‘Stereotype High’ by Jeffrey Harr the piece follows a group of teenagers in high school, who have all been labeled with your typical categories; the jock, the geek, the thespian, etc. The play is effective in highlighting these and in the opening lines the characters state which category they each belong to. The interesting opening to...
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