What is ST depression and why it can happen?

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The retired sergeant is suffering from acute inferior MI, which is accompanied by ST segment depression in the precordial leads in its early stages. The ST elevation a myocardial infarction appearing in one myocardial zone usually have concurrent ST depression distinct myocardial zones. ST depression may appear as pure ‘’mirror image’’ to be indicative of acute ischemia ascribed to right coronary artery disease in non-infarct associated arteries. The mechanism is generally plaque rupture resulting thrombus, but progressive hemodynamic stenosis and plaque erosion can also contribute. The patient who is suffering from acute inferior MI, is probably experiencing chest pain and may have prodromal symptoms of fatigue, chest discomfort, or malaise. The chest pain is intense and can last for 30-60 minutes which is described as a substernal pressure sensation. The pain can radiate up...
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