The Iliad help me with homework: Now a strange question: where

  1. Now a strange question: where do you think Helen’s emotions come from?
  2. What do you think would happen to Helen if Aphrodite “let go” of her (63)?
  3. Why does Aphrodite rescue Paris? Why do you think Helen gives in to Paris (63-64)? Vase Painting: Helen meets Paris for the first time (Perseus).
  4. Why do you suppose Homer organized Book 3 in the following way?  a) Battlefield: Hector chides Paris; Paris suggests duel and oaths; Achaeans accept, suggest sacrifice (50-53). b) Troy: Old men converse; Helen and Priam look at soldiers (54-57). a) Battlefield: Priam goes out; sacrifices, oaths; the duel; Aphrodite intervenes (breaks chinstrap; hides Paris in cloud 58-62). b) Troy: Helen and Aphrodite; Helen and Paris (62-64). a) Battlefield: Menelaus looks for Paris (64).
  5.  Give some reasons for why the gods love some men, women, and cities and try to destroy others (65-67). Why does Hera want peace?
  6. Why do you think breaking the truce brings “glory” to Pandarus (68, 71)?
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