The Iliad help with homework: What do you think Homer intends

1.What do you think Homer intends to show the reader (about Agamemnon’s character, about the morale of the Achaeans, about Odysseus) in the scenes detailing Agamemnon’s plan to “test” (22-26) his troops and its result? 2. Why do you think Homer included the episode of Thesites’ abuse of Agamemnon and his chastisement by Odysseus (27-28)? Why is it OK for Achilles to abuse Agamemnon but not OK for Thersites to disrespect him? Why do you think the troops laugh? 3. What do you think the scepter/staff could symbolize? (See pp. 8, 23, 26-28.) 4. What do you think of Paris’ answer to Hector (52)? Why do you suppose the people of Troy haven’t just gotten rid of Paris and/or Helen? (See also pp. 54-55; 138-139.) 5. Why do you think Menelaus agrees to the truce and single combat? 6. What do you think is Helen’s view of her situation? Who does she blame for her predicament? Who would you blame? (See pp. 54-55, 62-63; 122.)

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