The Iliad, writing homework help: Compare/Contrast Achilles and Hector

Achilles and Hector are alike in some ways but different in many others. For example, each is the greatest warrior of his army—Achilles, the Greek champion, and Hector, the Trojan champion. In addition, both exhibit human flaws—Achilles, vengeful rage, and Hector, impetuosity, as when he persuades Trojan warriors to leave the safety of Troy’s walls shortly before Achilles returns to battle. However, they are unlike in many ways. Whereas Hector is a loving family man, Achilles has no wife or children. He seeks only one thing: battlefield glory. Write an informative essay or hold a discussion that compares and contrasts Achilles and Hector. Consider their personalities, their motivations, their intelligence, their leadership qualities, their relationships and standing with those around them, their skills as soldiers, their physical characteristics, and their moral and ethical values.

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