The Things They Carried help with homework: Assignment #2 “Spin” and “On the Rainy River” pp. 30-58)

Assignment #2 “Spin” and “On the Rainy River” pp. 30-58)
1. Discuss the title “Spin.” What do you make of it?
2. What do you think about the soldiers in the platoon at this point?
3. Discuss O’Brien’s summer job and the decision he struggles to make. Can you empathize with his struggles?
4. How does O’Brien/author dramatize the struggles of O’Brien/character? Read aloud the passage about all the people on the shore.
5. Discuss the last two sentences of the chapter.
6. Discuss the role of Elroy Berdahl. How does O’Brien feel about him? How do you feel about him?

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