The Things They Carried help with homework: Assignment #5 (“Stockings,” “Church,” “The Man I Killed,” “Ambush,” “Style” pp. 111-130)

Assignment #5 (“Stockings,” “Church,” “The Man I Killed,” “Ambush,” “Style” pp. 111-130)
1. Discuss the superstitions of the men and superstitions in general.
2. Google and read Thomas Hardy’s famous poem “The Man He Killed” and discuss its connection to this reading.
3. What does O’Brien/character know about the man he kills, and what does he imagine about him? What do his imaginings suggest about O’Brien?
4. Discuss the repetition and imagery in the chapter.
5. Why does O’Brien describe the ambush after he describes the dead man?
6. What do you make of the short chapter “Style”?

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