What three poems can be an example of how the women were used in poetry in the 20th century?

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I have deliberately chosen three poems from three different eras. Rossetti’s poem was published in the late 19th century, Parker’s published in the early 20th century and Cope’s published in the 21st century. I thought this would be an effective way of communicating to the reader that the topic of female equality has been an issue for hundreds of years. I also wanted to prove that feminist poetry is timeless and relatable for the people of today’s society. The interview was in fact published in New York whereas the other poems were published in London. This shows that this issue does not belong to a certain region and happens everywhere in the world, so all should look upon it. When Rossetti began writing, during the Victorian era, there was a very specific role for women, which included being inferior to men and not...
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