Is it true that Thomas Hobbes is an advocate of the absolute power of the sovereign?

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Hobbes suggests that if a man wishes to reach this feeling of self-preservation, then it is necessary for the individual to submit their rights and liberties to some form of sovereign through the contract. It is then the responsibility of this authority to serve the individual who has submitted to this contract, and it is, therefore, the responsibility of the authority to guarantee that the individuals live, and property is guaranteed. This leads to the establishment of the system of a monarch who is thus the absolute authoritative figure, rendering the citizens of this authoritative figure powerless and without rights against the sovereign as the authoritative figures commands are to be adhered to absolutely by the subjects of the monarch no matter how unfavourable or detested the decisions of the sovereign may be. It is worth noting however that Hobbes did not allow for the sovereign do not have any moral duties,...
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