What is the victim’s role in Ovid’s Metamorphoses?

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Furthermore, the victims often suffer a second blaming when the episode caused them to incur into the wrath of jealous deities -partners of the gods who attacked them:  “So this was the crowning insult, adulterous whore, becoming pregnant!” said Juno to Callisto and then turned her into a bear. Sometimes, the blaming appears to remain fresh in the minds of these vengeful deities almost forever, in book 4 -episode Ino and Athamas- Juno is still persecuting Ino -Sémele’s sister- for saving the son of Semele and Jove: “ When Juno saw her, she said to herself in resentment: ‘The son of that harlot, Sémele’  and “All I can do is to...
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