What is the origin of Gaelic?

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The mother/origin tongue of Scots once thrived throughout the country, a language and culture secreted inside minds and mouths. That was until a washing of English idealism swept the land in order to build their dream unified empire. The once majoritively spoken language of the Gaels plummeted and has since been kept alive through familial teaching, close-knit Highland communities, and school education. Despite the attempts being that of an innocent nature, they have caused some amounts of controversy and questioning as to their means of usefulness and vitality. Should every attempt be made to keep our dying language alive, the very foundation of our culture, or should Gaelic be left to burn out and become nothing more than a small, forgotten mark in our long, winding history? Firstly, Gaelic is ingrained into the culture of Scotland in its entirety; it is, and always has been a defined part of Scottish history so to...
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