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The Effect of Culture on Sensing
Sensing refers to the abilities of the body to receive and feel a certain stimulus from either outside or also inside the body (Wagner, et al, 2080). All these abilities in the body to sense may include the sight, touch, taste, smell, and hearing. The sensation is, therefore, the situation whereby we are able to detect the changes that occur in our environment through the neurological process. There is others form of life, for instance, the bat and snakes which uses different sensory ranges for the survival. This shows that the sensory ability may differ from on organism to another depending on the on the organism, for example, the bat senses the object around through the ultrasound while the snake has the ability to use the infrared light as a means of sensing. This is a clear information that every animal has varied ways of application to the sensing since humans use none of the mention sense technique for survival. The most question that has lingered to many people’s mind concerning the sensation is from the fact that whether there is any significant variation among human and whether the culture can be attributed by variation in human sensation.
However, the culture plays a very major role in sensation due to the fact that people from diverse cultures tend to have the different form of sense (Bennett, 87). This is due to the geographical differences making the different form of surrounding or the environmental variation. This is best explained by people from two areas, for instance, peoples from urban area cannot sense things like slanted line and crooked more correctly as compared to people from rural or forestry area whereby. This simply implies that; these two people have the different sense of the same event due to different learning from their cultures. Also, the cultural environment plays a big role in sensation as described by the term field dependence. This is the term used to refer to the level at which the view or the way people observe a particular object is greatly influenced or rather affected by the environment or the background it appears. This means that different people have different ability to separate or distinguish an object from its neighboring environment. Research has shown that two people from different environment and background give the different opinion on the same object. For example, when two adults from one from United State and the other one from Japan were introduced to the animated underwater of a situation where one big fish swims between the other small marine life including the small fish. When the two people were called upon to explain the scenario, the Japanese gave his comments mostly describing the relationship or the association between the objects present in the scene. Most of the people from United State started to give the explanation of the big fish explaining very few comments concerning the relationship between the objects. Even when the same scenario was repeated several, the same information was obtained with the Americans talking more about the big fish. This explains how people from different culture have different perception in sensation.
Moreover, research has also shown that differences in culture and the environmental background has a great effect on the sensation. This was proved right in another experiment done whereby two people one from Japanese and the other from European Americans were introduced to a squared picture containing a line on its inside. After a few time of the observation of the line, they were then provided with an empty square having different size and they were then called upon to draw either a line with similar lengths like the one they say or a line with same relative length exactly like the one they say. After analysis, the result from the drawings, people from European Americans drew the line of the same length in a significantly more accurate manner while those from Japanese drew the lines of relative length which were significantly more accurate. This research, therefore, leads to the conclusion that the sensation is greatly affected by both the culture as well as the environment.
The fact that sensation is described as the neurological process, it helps us to become or rather to detect our environmental changes which are directly affected by our culture. Therefore, this explains that our thoughts and perception that people tend to have are not cultural environments independent hence the external world and our own perception helps to shape our brain. Also, there is same context which is believed to greatly affects the culture, this includes both the high and low context cultures. The low-context is whereby most of the cultural message is fixed in the explicit code which in high-context, is the type of culture where very few message have been said or rather been written since much of the meaning people can learn it from the physical environment.
In conclusion to the effect of sensing to the culture, the environment and geographical have an effect on the culture. Despite the fact that most sensation is caused by neurological process, this helps us to detect the environmental changes which are affected by culture. People are able to response to different changes in the environment due to senses, people differ in senses according to the environment. The perception and though also depends on the environment despite the fact that more response of the body is triggered by the senses.
Possible Consequences to China’s Continuing Control of Access to Internet
The first connection to the internet in China was established in 1993 and from that time there have been a great increase in the access the internet in China (Cullen, et al, 99). According to the research, it is clear that the number of people access to the internet web by 2000 were approximately 22.5 million. This has made China to took control of the internet by overtaking many nations including the Japan in the number of people in the internet users. However, this issue has raised a lot of concern to many nations but the Chinese government has continued to embrace the technology due to its much benefits as explained below.
One of the consequences of China continuing control of the internet is the development and improvement of the mobile ecosystem. The improvement of the mobile ecosystem has greatly enhanced to the development in China due to the interaction with other mobile internet access. The mobile ecosystem was therefore used the main tool to upgrade, improve and also reform other sectors in China. this contributed to rising the government revenue since according to the research it was clear that by 2015, the global GDP was very high with $3.0 million more than USD and also offering more employment opportunity to many citizens.
Additionally, the internet has helped China to develop economically due to modern manufacturing. The country has grown largely due to the introduction of many industries which deals with production services due to the application of technology in the production sector. This has also contributed to fostering various business in the country to develop leading to larger production hence facilitating the development of a market. Due to the internet, competition has in various business sectors has risen leading to the production of many and quality products. China produces many products which are used both locally and internationally in many countries.
Moreover, the internet has greatly helped the education sectors too many people in China were they able to access the quality education through the internet. This has led to many people having brighter future sine education in China is believed to be the most crucial organization system in the society. The quality education provided by the internet programs has helped many people especially the young people to develop the necessary skills important in their life in overcoming various challenges in the life (Kluver, et al, 301). The government in China believe that the education system in China was not good enough to provide the children with quality education and therefore providing computers to every child in order to access to the internet and get the online education. The internet has generally facilitated the development of education to very high level. China up to date still in the research of internet to come up with the programs to provides the education to many people by use of technology. This will be by providing online education platforms to all people through the mobile internet.
Internet has also helped to change the social structure of people of China hence changing the nation as the whole. This is through the empowerment people get from the internet hence bringing the change both to the society and also the nation. The improvement of social classes has contributed to the improvement of the standard of living of many people leading to the better lifestyle. This has also helped in promoting the interaction of people both within the country and also from the other country hence enhancing to corporation between Chinese people and people from other nation.
Furthermore, due to the development of technology in China, it has led to the production of many computer systems for use both locally and also in international level. China has recorded to be the most significant producer of computers that are used widely in many counties. Over millions of computers used in various institutions all over the world comes from China (Liang, 103). research has also shown that China is the among the best country producing the computer hence creating more wealth for the nation as a result of producing more personal computer market.
Besides, the development of the technology through the internet has contributed to creating a strong nation of China through the development of the military. Due to the development of the technology in China, the strength of security has greatly improved to a point that nation has raised concern about the issue due to fear of being overtaken. Technology in China has led to the development of several tough weapons hence strengthening the security in China. According to the research, China is ranked among that country with the best military. This has contributed to many other nations buying most of the weapons from China hence contributing to earning revenue to the government.
Despite the fact that there are various challenges that had come as result of improvement in China, most of the impact is of benefit to the country and the people from China. The technology in China had led to the development various sectors in China including the education, healthcare and also in the military. Historically China was among the nations that were very poor, after the introduction of internet in China, development has been enhanced making China among the most developed country in the world. Research has shown that technology is what has made China develop this far, therefore, it is very important for the country to uphold technology in order to enhance the development of the nation.
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