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Running Head: BRYAN A. STEVENSON 1
Bryan A. Stevenson
A hero can be described as a person who is courageous enough to develop solutions, by demonstrating ingenuity and bravery when faced with challenges that at a time forces them to sacrifice their concerns for a greater cause. A hero helps other people and save them from danger, oppression, and/or misfortunes. It is during problems that heroism is manifested in individuals. Heroes are driven to act by something that is in them that push them even when they face challenges. My hero is Bryan A. Stevenson who is an American social justice activist and lawyer. He is based in Montgomery, Alabama and has helped various low-income families and minorities acquire justice. Bryan Stevenson is compassionate, courageous, knowledgeable, and creative.
Bryan Stevenson is compassionate since he usually helps poor people and the minority in their times of trouble. Stevenson has defended many prisoners who faced the death penalty thus saving many lives. He was courageous enough to help in the achievement of court decisions that prohibit sentencing children to the death penalty. In 1994, the Congress eliminated funding for the defense of poor people who faced the death penalty. Lack of funding prevented the poor and especially people from the minority group from getting justice in their trials. Many people were sentenced to death due to lack of adequate defense. Bryan Stevenson formed the Equal Justice Initiative (EJI) and funded it solely. He assured every single person in Alabama of sufficient defense whenever they were faced with the death penalty. He formed the initiative amidst opposition from leaders from majority races.
[bookmark: _GoBack]Bryan Stevenson is knowledgeable. He attended Cape Henlopen High School where he performed very well and was the student’s leader until 1977. He got straight A’s and won a scholarship to take law at the prestigious Harvard Law School. He earned a Master’s degree at the John F. Kennedy School of Government. Due to his intelligent, he was appointed as the leader of the Alabama Operation which was an organization that defends people facing death-penalty. He is the backbone of the Roper v. Simmons (2005) case which prohibited death penalty conviction to people under the age of 18. Bryan Stevenson is creative since he has developed various ideas that prevent wrongful convictions and protect the rights of the minority and poor. He established the museum known as From Enslavement to Mass Incarceration, which will show the relationship between post-Civil War and high rates of incarceration of the minority groups in the United States. Bryan has also written a book entitled Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption which advocated for social justice and transforms the justice system. He has also founded various social groups that unite the victims and the perpetrators hence enhancing tranquility and cohesion.
Bryan Stevenson has inspired me to fight for social justice and help those in need. He used his professional skills to transform the society. Thus, I am determined to use my skills and education to leave a legacy in the society. Bryan has helped people regardless of their racial background. Similarly, I am determined to unite people and serve them equally. I have strived to respect everyone, regardless of their social backgrounds, in the community. To emulate Bryan, I will transform the society by advocating for equality and even distribution of resources and opportunities. In the future, I am determined to become a hero in advocating for justice and equality. Bryan Stevenson will provide a clear guideline that I can follow to achieve my goal.

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