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Training Methods
Purpose of the company
Today, due to the increased number of educated people who do not have a job, the employees have to show their worth in the company to remain relevant. The allowances that are offered in the workplace depend on the ability of the employees to attract more customers or make more sales. Some companies give the workers commission for every good or service offered to the customer. Just like any other person, the employees have been taking advantage of the situation and if they have a way of showing the made a sale of good or service to the customer even if they did not (Valentine et al. 2015). This shows how business culture can affect the company to a point for employees can be deceptive just to have an additional income. In this case, we will look at the Sunshine Bank and how training can help to grow and achieve the goals and objective of the company without being deceptive. The bank mission is “To develop a good culture which will ensure trust and satisfaction to the customers.”
Size of the company
Sunshine company is made up of 200 employees who need to be trained to prevent unethical behavior which can affect or taint the reputation of the company. Training the entire staff member can be expensive but can help to ensure efficiency in the workplace to satisfy the needs of the customers. Training 200 employees cannot be difficult because the number is still small compared to that other company that has more than 2000 employees. Sunshine is just a small bank located in Florida in the United States whose vision states “To offer the same quality services to our customer using ethical employees.” The needs of the customer should always be met to make the bank reliable and trustable. Handling the finance of people and keeping it safe in a manner that they can retrieve it as they like is not easy. It would be a shame for a customer to go to the bank to withdraw some cash only to find that the bank does not have the money. The reason why banks can lack finances is mismanagement and employee mistakes or fraud. When the customer learns about such problem from a bank, they withdraw their finances which can result in bankruptcy.
The trigger event that started the training session
Every time a company gets the need to train the employees is to prevent unwanted circumstance in future. The triggering event for the training session for sunshine banks was the case of Wells Fargo where employees were opening fake accounts for the company to get the allowances. Sunshine bank is a business which can face the same problem, and the employees need to understand the effect of such behavior as well as the consequences if a staff member is caught in such activities. For instance, in September 2016, Wells Fargo was charged $185 million for the illegal practices which saw the employees create an account for people without their consent.
The mission of sunshine bank seeks to protect the integrity of the bank as well as ensure the customers are satisfied. Although the employees did that to protect their jobs by achieving quotas, the bank had to pay the consequences of their action. Such unethical behaviors do not only happen in Wells Fargo, and other companies in the same industry need to train the employees to prevent such behavior. The manager of the sunshine bank wants to examine the training behavior of all the employees in the company and ensure they follow the ethical standards.
The target population of the company
Sunshine seeks to train all the employees’ irrespective of their hierarchy in the company. Most of the time, training session leads to changes in the company and therefore, it is important to conduct a change management. According to Kotter’s eight principles of change management, it is important for the manager to create a powerful coalition in the business which will convince the rest of the staff members the importance of the training session. The coalition can only be made through depth training to the employees who are high in the hierarchy and work with them to implement and lead change (Mayet al. 2014). Training the entire staff is important and helps to create a culture in a company that employees can follow. If need be, the manager of the sunshine bank can decide to shuffle the employees according to the findings of the training session. The ethicalcode in the workplace can be developed in the company to help guide the employees of the ethical behavior. The manager can discuss with the employees on the importance of having a written code of conduct in the company (Mayet al. 2014). The written code of conduct can be placed in an area in the company where employees can see what they should or should not do in the workplace.
The assessment method
The best method to use for a company that has approximately 200 employees is instruction design. The design must consider the characteristics and behavior of the leaner and implement a strategy which helps them to have enough courage to handle difficult issues in the company. The company can also contribute to the problem of unethical behavior in the workplace (Itani et al. 2017). For instance, in the case of Wells Fargo, the employees might have feared to lose their jobs for not delivering in the jobs as required. Today, banks have been affected greatly by the advanced technology which people use to keep their money.
For example, the network service provider companies have been providing people with an account where they can keep, transfer, save and even get short-term loans. Therefore, people do not need to open banks accounts and keep their money, which exerts pressure on the sales personnel in the banking institution to lie on the system. However, with a good communication strategy in the company, people can gain the courage to address their problems as well as report unethicalbehavior in the workplace.
The manager should also understand that it is important to retain employees. Although in the management career one has to replace employees, the cost of training a new employee is higher than a worker who already understands the culture of the company. The cost of training new employeesincludes recruitment and administrative cost, cost of teaching variable skills among others (Itani et al. 2017). However, the training cost depends on the position of the employees in the company. For instance, for an employee earning $8 per hour, the cost would increase to $9 per hour. Therefore, for the sunshine company, the cost of training all the employees can be estimated at $ 200 per hour.
The company can prevent such cases by teaching the people in the organization the importance of ethics and teamwork. The company is not mainly made up of the premises and capital but the human resource which workstogether to reach the company’s goals and objectives (Mayet al. 2014). Unethical behavior in the workplace such as ignorance of professional ethics can affect the image and reputation of the company which resultsin loss of customers and reduced profits which affect the company leading retrenchment of employees. Cases like that of Wells Fargo shows that the reason for unethical behavior in an organization can lead to penalties and loss of employment if the behavioris known.. The employees are very important part of the organization, and it is their responsibility to uphold and build ethical selling skills.
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