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My video telepathy internship.
All internship are made for the purposes of learning and gaining skills and knowledge in a certain field. While undergoing through our internship, certain barriers may occur hindering learner from acquiring relevant skills and knowledge concerning the field of study. Telepathy is a thought of communication without using words and the five know senses of communication. It is also referred to as mind to mind communication between the sender and receiver who are geographically far from one another. Many business use videos to convey mind to mind communications to their customers.
Q1 While undertaking my internship in a video telepathy business company, I came across very challenging work but through guidance by my supervisor I was able to acquire the following skills of Photoshop, developing a product video, setting up of studio, social media management and use of Facebook, Instagram and you tube in advertising product by using videos. I gained work knowledge growth in organizing, proper email weighting and keeping track of a meter. This knowledge can make me qualify for admission in a college dealing with information and technology. Script writing services can help me do well in practical assignments allocated for me by my information and technology paper. Have helped my firm to attract more customers and indeed boosted my income. I have also been in a position to come up with product videos for all brands. This has convinced customers on the products of the firms I market and through this my firm has become more popular as time goes on.
From the knowledge I acquired from video telepathy internship, have been able to come up with customer video projects, videos funnel packaging and re-targeting videos. Taking advantage of any educational opportunity is crucial in that the knowledge and skills acquired can grant a chance for me in the college. I am still able to demonstrate a lot through the knowledge and experience I acquired from my internship in video telepathy. It is very crucial to focus majorly on practical bit of our studies than theoretical knowledge. If admitted in our college, I will be in a position to show my core students on how to establish a studio which can be very important in creating employment opportunities for individual. All this has come in to being through taking advantage of my internship opportunity. All challenges I came across as I was pursuing my internship I overcame them through encouragement and support by my supervisor and frequent research that I undertook whenever I came across a barrier in my education. The same case will apply once you permit me a chance in our college.
Q 2.dyslexia is a situation where by a learner cannot learn with ease how to read accurately and fluently. This is caused by brain issue. This state in children does not outgrow but with right skills and proper guidance this can be eliminated. Many kind who had similar challenges are now successful in their lives. Kids with dyslexia don’t have problems of intelligence, vision or laziness. I being one of the victim, I had a problem of reading comprehensively and understanding nothing from the context. This dealt me a big blow in my desires to be admitted in journalism. Despite that problem, I did not give up and even my teachers encouraged me. I tried to find out the mechanism of overcoming this challenge. I tried to learn with pictures and stories where I found that at least I was getting somehow. The interest to pursue my career increased and I continued to invent other ways which could increase the ability to understand what I read. The next mechanism that I applied later was breaking the information in to steps through note taking. This in deed boosted my understanding much better that the first invention mentioned above.
After teachers understood my challenges, they also allowed extra time to couch me. They avoided over-correcting me whenever I made a mistake. They also accommodated me through allowing me to do an oral report instead of written assignment. I also adopted multi-sensory structured literacy that helped me now compete with my fellow classmates. Use of assistive technology tool like audiobooks and text-to-speech apps now equalized me with the other students. I could now read and interpret what have read with ease. This challenge in the past had negatively affected my studies simply because after an exam test, I was failing terribly. This in one way or the other had initially demoralized and made me think that I was abnormal. Immediately after inventing methods of overcoming these challenges, my status changed and I got morale in continuing to study in order to achieve my dreams. Actually this initial challenge has made me pursue a degree in doctorial and I now feel a happy man. I confidently know that if it were not for that challenge, I would not have pursued my ……Third Draft…..
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