Help with Questions to Gulliver’s Travels Part IV Chapter I: What do James Welch’s buccaneers/mutineers do


  1. What do James Welch’s buccaneers/mutineers do with Gulliver after taking over the ship on May 9th, 1711?
  2. How does Gulliver end up being left marooned?
  3. What Bristol captain takes Lemuel Gulliver out on the fateful voyage from Portsmouth?
    Several men on the ship die of calentures. What are calentures?
  4. What horrible discovery does Lemuel Gulliver make about the men he hires in the Barbadoes islands? (I.e., what do these new recruits end up doing on the voyage?)
  5. Strange half-shaggy, half-hairless creatures assault Gulliver on the island. What do we later learn is the name of these creatures?


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