Help with Questions to Gulliver’s Travels Part IV Chapter I: When Gulliver first encounters the Yahoos


  1. When Gulliver first encounters the Yahoos, they surround him and fling what material at him from above in the tree branches?
  2. What type of animal frightens away the horrible creatures that attack Lemuel in the fields?
  3. Gulliver comes up with two incorrect theories about the inhabitants of the island after encountering his first Houhyhmhn. What is his first theory regarding the mental traits of the human-masters on the island if the horse is so special? What is his second theory regarding the “magical” nature of the horses?
  4. While the “horses” examine Gulliver, what causes him to “roar” as he puts it?
  5. What is a yahoo? What is ironic about Gulliver’s sense of revulsion about seeing these Yahoos?


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