Moby-Dick discussion questions Chapter 3 “The Spouter Inn”: In what ways is the painting in the Spouter Inn unusual

  • In what ways is the painting in the Spouter Inn unusual?
  • Some readers see the painting, a work of art, as a reflection of the book itself. If this is so, what might Melville suggest about his own art through that painting?
  • In what ways does Peter Coffin seem to play a joke on Ishmael in this chapter?
  • What effect could Melville try to attain by naming the landlord “Coffin”?
  • In this chapter Melville depicts another religious ceremony. What color is prominently mentioned? In what ways is the ceremony similar to a Christian one? Why might Melville include these similarities?
  • Describe Ishmael’s evolving attitude toward his roommate throughout the chapter. What conclusions can you ultimately draw about Ishmael from this evolution?
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