Moby-Dick Questions Ch. 93-95: Why does Stubb take Pip and not Dough-Boy in his boat

Why does Stubb take Pip and not Dough-Boy in his boat?  How does Ishmael contrast Pip with Dough-Boy?  What is the significance of Stubb’s comment to Pip the first time Pip jumped overboard (p. 452 [320-321]).  How is Pip changed and why?  Read the last three chapters of ch. 93 very carefully.  How is “man’s insanity” “heaven’s sense”?  Contrast how knowledge affects Pip in relation to Ishmael?  What do you make of ch. 94, “Squeeze of the Hand,” coming immediately after the chapter of Pip’s insanity?  Why does the crew’s squeezing the lumps of sperm make Ishmael forget about “our horrible oath”?  (p. 455 [322])  How does Ishmael understand happiness in the wake of his squeezing?  How do you compare the “strange sort of insanity” that comes over Ishmael (456 [322]) with the insanity of Ahab and Pip?  Does Ishmael’s communal squeezing of the sperm whale relate to other scenes in the novel?  Read ch. 94 carefully.  How do you interpret the “Cassock,” ch. 95, coming immediately after the “Squeeze of the Hand”?  What are the images in this chapter in relation to those in ch. 94?

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